With this formal statement, the Management declare the decision of creating a Quality Management System in according to the International Standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

The quality management principles below are the basis of the Quality Policy.

Customer orientation

The company depends on its Customers and must guide every activity of its business on the following points:

  • Understand the Customers current and future needs;
  • Make sure that the client's requirements are determined, understood and met regularly, aiming to exceed their expectations (explicit and implicit, expressed or expected);
  • Assure the client that the quality of the service / product is achieved and maintained;
  • Operate in compliance with the requirements expressed in the contractual documents;
  • Assure that risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of products and services are determined and addressed to increase the customer satisfaction,;
  • Maintain the focus on increasing the Customer’s satisfaction managing and analyzing proper objective criteria, constantly updated.

Personnel involvement

Staff members, at all levels, are the essence of the organization. The full, active and responsible involvement of each employee allows them to put their skills at the Company service, working to ensure that each member understands the importance of his own role and his contribution in the achievement of the Quality objectives. The Company encourages the continuous improvement of each employee individual skills.

Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement of the Company performances and efficiency is our permanent target.
Below are the qualitative characteristics and distinctive elements of the Company's production processes:

  • Ability to supply products and services that meet the Customer requirements and the Quality Management System requisites;
  • Customer satisfaction, and the opportunity for the Company to grow through the efficient application of the Quality Management System;
  • Ability to face risks and opportunities;
  • Safety features of the workplaces.

The Management defines targets to reach for the Quality System, according to the proper level and function, in the qualitative characteristics of the service explained above. The Quality Policy is subject to periodic reviews to evaluate its level of understanding and applicability (adequacy test). This declaration is available in the Company as a documented information, and accessible for relevant stakeholders through the publication on the Company's website.