Our extensive experience in the field of corrosion assessment and cathodic protection of reinforced steel in concrete structures allows us to assist and support our customers by providing technicians in possession of a certificate of professional competence such as level 3 cathodic protection certification according to UNI EN ISO 15257:2017, as well as NACE certification ( National Association of Corrosion Engineers) which is in fact the world's important authority in corrosion field. This, in addition to our variety of specialists in sectors ranging from material technology, structural integrity, inspection and monitoring of infrastructure, allows us to support our customers during the design, construction and maintenance of works, in a very delicate and complex sector that requires high specialization.

Metalnastri's services within the consultation category include:

  • Calculations of durability of sacrificial anodes
  • Estimated residual life of the structures
  • Cathodic protection design verification
  • Cathodic Protection retrofit design
  • Anode protection range calculations
  • Cathodic protection design with sacrificial anodes and hybrid systems
  • Commissioning and Certification of cathodic protection systems
  • Project and assistance for remote monitoring systems