About Us

Metalnastri is a company highly specialized in the field of anti-corrosion technology of any type of metal surface.

It employs a technical staff engaged in a continuous research and application of new and advanced technologies since the 90s. Our main objective is to increase the durability of steel structures and reinforced concrete structures, through the use of new generation products of our exclusive production and highly qualified engineering services.

In recent years the company has focused its efforts on the production of galvanic anodes for the protection of steel in concrete by means of a specific know-how and by spreading this new technology in many countries.

A pool of experts are ready to:
Carry out evaluations and data analysis by providing support for the planning of interventions with the use of innovative and technological solutions;
Provide assistance for monitoring large infrastructures, thanks to an exclusive remote control system that allows to know the conditions of bridges and viaducts in real time, not only with regard to specific corrosion issues, but also with reference to structural and environmental conditions.

Today the products and services offered by Metalnastri are well-known by customers in the Automotive, Oil & Gas industries, in residential buildings and large infrastructures thanks to distributors located in 5 continents